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Insurance Disability

Insurance Disability Claims – Legal Support is Available

Disability insurance is an insurance policy to cover the costs of care and loss of income should the policyholder lose their ability to perform the same work activities they previously could, due to disability.

Many self-employed people take out “insurance disability” in case they can no longer perform the work that provides them with income as the result of illness or injury. Artists, musicians, writers, land surveyors, hair stylists and doctors are among the many professionals who benefit from having such a policy in place to protect their assets and income in case they become disabled.

A singer who loses their voice, a writer who suffers from blindness, a land surveyor who loses their legs or a surgeon who loses the use of their hands, risks losing their ability to work and pay their bills.

From these examples, it becomes clear that people rely on the insurer to pay out when they become disabled even if the cover stipulates payment for a specific number of months. They pay their monthly premiums, often for years, believing they have taken responsible steps to guard against financial loss. Should the insurer not pay out, they risk losing their assets and their dependants will also suffer financial loss. In addition, they might be unable to pay for the care or rehabilitation needed after suffering a disability.

Unfortunately, far too many claims go unpaid. Even if the insurer stalls the payment, it can risk the claimant becoming bankrupt. Incorrect completion of claim forms, not understanding the procedures for claiming, and not having the time, means or capacity to follow up on enquiries can cause the claims to go unpaid, underpaid or delayed.

Legal Help with Insurance Disability Claims

The first step to take when a policyholder becomes disabled is to seek immediate legal guidance with the completion of the claim, submission thereof, and follow-up on the progress of the claim pay-out. The attorney ensures the correct procedures are followed for claiming. In the instance where the policyholder has already submitted the claim, but the insurer has rejected it, they can appeal the decision. This is best done with the support of an attorney.

Where necessary, non-pay-out or under-pay-out of the claim can be opposed in court.

Medical Malpractice

With the expert assistance of Adele van der Walt Incorporated, it is possible to take on an insurer for adhering to their commitment to pay your claim for insurance disability. Reach out today to schedule an appointment to receive the relevant legal support to ensure that you reap the benefits of your insurance disability.

Disclaimer: Information in this article is not intended as legal advice and is only for informational purposes. Please seek legal guidance from Adele van der Walt Incorporated before relying on this information to make any legal decisions.



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