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7 Ways a Specialised Medical Attorney Can Help You with a Malpractice Claim

You may not realise the importance of a specialised medical attorney until you or a loved one have suffered an injury directly as the result of medical negligence. The expertise of a medical attorney is exceptionally valuable to avoid pitfalls when seeking compensation for the damages suffered as the result of malpractice or negligence.

Below are seven instances in which a medical attorney can be of assistance.

Handling Communication with Insurers

The insurance companies who represents doctors and other medical professionals deal with lawsuits and compensation claims on a daily basis. So, if don’t have an experienced attorney to handle the communication with such companies, you can be rendered vulnerable, as it can also be easy to make mistakes during this process.

Dealing with the Red Tape and Documentation

A medical negligence claim entails the collection of records, completion of forms, reviewing of communication, and more. A practitioner can attempt to change records, but by having a medical attorney to handle the process, they can take the necessary steps to prevent such or at least identify changes made.

Determining the True Extent of the Damages Payable

The medical attorney helps to put the damages payable into perspective. The attorney helps to calculate the current and future medical costs, as well as the damages payable for loss of life amenities, as well as compensation relevant to the loss of life’s amenities. The attorney consults with various experts, thereby ensuring that your claim is realistic.

Negotiating a Reasonable Settlement Amount

A medical lawsuit is expensive and entails lengthy court proceedings. The attorney negotiates a settlement where possible, but if it is not possible to reach a settlement, litigation will be considered. However, even before it comes to such, the attorney discusses the possible outcomes, giving you a realistic picture of what to expect.

Litigating in Court

The medical attorney prepares to argue your particular claim case in front of a judge. Part of this process entails the collection of evidence, witness statements, and seeking expert opinions. The success of your claim may very well depend on the attorney’s litigation expertise.

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls and Mistakes in the Claims Process

It is not the time to learn about medical law if you want to lodge a claim against a healthcare professional. Any mistakes you make can jeopardise the success of your claim. Rather than first trying to get compensation without legal representation, speak to an experienced medical attorney about the merits of your case. If it meets the requirements for a medical negligence or malpractice claim, the attorney will inform you about the potential outcomes. Should you decide to go forward with the claim, the attorney will handle the process and thus eliminate the risk of mistakes.

Helping to Ensure a Faster Claim Pay-Out

A medical attorney understands the urgency of being compensated for the expenses related to loss of income and medical care. As such, the attorney seeks a successful outcome and follows up to ensure that the process is as quick and efficient as possible.

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Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Call on our attorneys for legal advice, rather than relying on the information herein to make any decisions. The information is relevant to the date of publishing – February 2019.

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