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When to Get Help from Medical Law Specialists for Injury and Damages Suffered

Have you been misdiagnosed for a condition while the true health condition has gone untreated? At a time when most healthcare facilities first have to test for COVID-19 before they are able to treat patients, some patients may not have been treated in time for other serious health issues because of the focus being the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 patients. If your true medical condition has been ignored or only given secondary attention because of the focus on COVID-19 and you have suffered physical injury as the result, you need to get in touch with medical law specialists.

The above said, if you have not suffered physical injury and damages as the result of the delayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis, or non-treatment of your health condition, it is not necessarily classified as medical malpractice. You must have suffered some type of financial damage as well for which financial compensation can be rewarded. If the healthcare professional followed the correct procedure and another healthcare professional with the same qualification would have done the same in a similar situation, then it would also be difficult to claim that the professional was guilty of malpractice. We recommend seeking legal guidance from medical law specialists to help you determine the merits of your particular case.

Instances of malpractice range from the wrong limb being amputated to non-treatment of a patient in a hospital, causing their existing health condition to worsen to a level where the damage is long-term and serious. Misdiagnosis doesn’t necessarily lead to injury, but where it does and could have been prevented, you want the help of medical law specialists in taking the necessary legal steps against the relevant party. Administering the wrong dosage or prescribing the wrong dosage can lead to serious injury. If you have suffered injury and damages as the result of receiving the wrong medication or dosage, don’t delay in seeking legal guidance from medical law specialists.

What to Do Before You Seek Legal Guidance

Gather the written communication you have on the matter, receipts for payments made to health practitioners in the treatment of the injury you have suffered, as well as the receipts for payment to the institution or healthcare professional who originally treated you and who, according to your knowledge, was negligent. Write down the contact details of the healthcare facilities and professionals relevant to the issue, and summarise what occurred. Write down the exact dates of treatment, what was done and by whom. Also write down your health history. Make sure you keep receipts for any expenses such as travel, loss of income (payslips) and doctor visits related directly to the matter.

Where to Get Help from Medical Law Specialists

Get in touch with Adele van der Walt Incorporated for legal advice and assistance in taking the necessary legal steps if you have suffered due to the negligence or malpractice of healthcare professional or institute.

Disclaimer: Information in this article is not intended as legal advice and is only for informational purposes. Please seek legal guidance from Adele van der Walt Incorporated before relying on this information to make any legal decisions. November 2020

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