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Wrong Diagnosis

Wrong Diagnosis: How Medical Law Attorneys Can Assist in South Africa

A wrong diagnosis is a heart-breaking situation for any patient. It's even more frustrating when you realise that the doctor had made a mistake and you were not the only one affected. Your family members also suffer when they have to deal with your pain, need to take care of you, cannot enjoy the same activities with you as in the past, and have to help carry the financial burden of treatments or care.

Consequences of Wrong Diagnosis

Doctors are human beings, and they can make mistakes. That's understandable, but when they fail to diagnose a disease or misdiagnose it, it can have devastating consequences.

The patient can suffer permanent physical damage and financial loss as a result of the wrong diagnosis. The subsequent treatments to correct the condition or the rehabilitation process can be costly. The patient suffers loss of life quality, might not be able to work or participate in activities they’ve enjoyed in the past, or may need permanent care.

In severe cases, the medical practitioner’s oversight can result in death, leaving the family members without their breadwinner or with the heartache of having to deal with the loss of their child.

Why People Often Don’t Take Legal Action

For many South Africans, the law seems to be in favour of the medical practitioners because they don’t know their rights as patients. For just as many, the legal process seems foreign. They don’t understand the terminology and lack the legal expertise to seek compensation and recourse for the damages they have suffered.

Wrong Diagnosis

How Medical Attorneys Can Assist

Fortunately, medical law attorneys understand the complexities surrounding medical negligence and malpractice legal proceedings. They know which steps to take, how to obtain the necessary evidence and supporting documents, what questions to ask, and how to help their clients through the process.

Medical law attorneys assess the client’s particular circumstances. They understand the requirements for a successful outcome and advise clients accordingly.

Do You Need Legal Help?

Navigating through the maze of legal terms and procedures need not be a daunting task. Legal expertise is available to help you determine if the wrong diagnosis constitutes medical negligence or malpractice, and what you can do to seek recourse.

If you suspect that your doctor has made a wrong diagnosis, don't hesitate to get a second opinion. It's your right to receive the best care possible, and an attorney can ensure that you receive it. Reach out to Adele van der Walt Incorporated for legal guidance. Call 012 460 3668 or email for an appointment. Alternatively, use the contact form to submit your query or visit our offices in Lord Charles Office Park, Block B, Ground Floor, 337 Brooklyn Road, Pretoria.

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Call on our attorneys for legal advice, rather than relying on the information herein to make any decisions. The information is relevant to the date of publishing – April 2022.


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