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Medical malpractice includes a wide range of aspects, from diagnosis to post-operative care and more. Even though many of us were brought up to believe that a doctor is an upstanding member of society and should be believed, no matter what he or she says. It is because of this conditioned attitude towards doctors that many people would rather forget about a horrible experience than sue for malpractice. There are standard accepted terms of practice and medical negligence occurs when a health care provider’s actions doesn’t meet these terms. Negligence can occur in any of the following stages of health care:

  • Diagnosis
    • Incorrect or misdiagnosis of a condition
    • Delaying the diagnosis, resulting in an unfortunate outcome
    • Incorrect reporting on test results

Misdiagnosis has caused severe trauma to hundreds of families across the country – for example a child that goes blind due to a lack of oxygen during birth.

  • Treatment
    • Performing surgery without the necessary care and skill
    • Doesn’t provide appropriate referral for the condition
    • Inappropriately treating a condition

Here we can look at a doctor that performs a caesarean without taking the necessary precaution and the baby suffers from a lack of oxygen that results in brain damage.

  • Disease management
    • Not providing sufficient warning, of the risks associated with a procedure or treatment
    • Not informing the patient of alternative treatments or procedures

For example, putting a female patient on Ro-accutane, a medicine used for acne and not informing them of the dangers of falling pregnant. Becoming pregnant on this drug can cause severe disability of the fetus. If you believe you have been a victim of negligence and would like to sue for malpractice, contact Adele van der Walt Attorneys today. We have ample experience in medical negligence litigation and more.

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