Consult a specialist lawyer on medical negligence

What will be required of me when I consult a specialist lawyer on medical negligence?

We will need to collect all the data relevant to your medical history, which will include complaints, treatments and medication prescribed. Start by writing down the information, dates and treatments as you can remember them. Locate your medical aid invoices, any medical invoices, pharmacy slips and even the labels on your medication bottles.

The circumstances of your particular case will be important in determining the information and supporting documents required. Information that will be helpful for the first legal consultation includes:

If the medical negligence incident relates to your spouse or the person responsible for your financial support, we will need documents as per above, as well as supporting evidence that you are dependent on the person for financial support. If the deceased was not responsible for your financial well-being, provide information as to your relationship to the deceased. You will also need to provide us with a certified copy of the death certificate and the deceased’s ID. Finally, we will need to see the final will and testament or the liquidation & distribution account of the said deceased.

It is essential to start the necessary legal proceedings as soon as possible, since there is a time limit after the incident in which you can lodge a claim for medical negligence damages.