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Doctor Malpractice

Understanding Medical Malpractice: What Constitutes Doctor Malpractice?

Doctor malpractice happens when a medical professional neglects to give their patient the right treatment for their medical condition. In such instances, this lack of due diligence can lead to prolonged suffering, injury, and even wrongful death. Doctor malpractice can occur in various ways. Examples of malpractice include the following:

  • A doctor misdiagnoses a condition and gives the patient the wrong course of medication or treatment protocol. This could ultimately lead to the condition worsening or medical reactions to the unnecessary medication. 
  • A surgeon operating on the wrong body part or using the wrong medical instruments during surgery and causing subsequent injury and harm.
  • Birth injuries resulting from a doctor’s failure to identify abnormalities or infection before birth. 
  • A delayed medical diagnosis which results in the progression of a patient's disease. 
  • A doctor fails to get informed consent from their patient prior to surgery or treatment. 
  • Instances of wrongful death due to a doctor’s medical incompetence. 

Medical Lawyers

Medical malpractice is a multifaceted field, and it can feel daunting to manage it alone. Fortunately, seasoned legal professionals can help you navigate it with confidence. 

How a Medical Attorney Can Help with Instances of Doctor Malpractice 

A medical malpractice attorney can support victims of medical negligence and help them access the compensation that they deserve. Medical lawyers understand the nuances of medical law and can help their clients achieve the best possible outcome in terms of redress. Compensation might cover various aspects, including:

  • Medical harm and suffering
  • Medical treatments that resulted from the negligence
  • The loss of income that resulted from the malpractice
  • Legal costs incurred
  • Emotional harm and suffering
  • Compensation for the dependents of a breadwinner if they are unable to work due to medical malpractice or because of wrongful death  

While compensation cannot undo the harm caused by doctor malpractice, it can help to alleviate some of the financial burdens, especially if the patient has incurred subsequent medical costs or is no longer able to work. 

Reach Out to Our Team 

If you or someone close to you has experienced doctor malpractice, it’s not too late to seek the compensation that you deserve. We understand how devastating it can be and that's why we offer our clients unwavering support, professionalism, compassion, and confidentiality. Reach out to our team, who are highly knowledgeable in the area of medical negligence, and we will gladly discuss the next steps with you. 


Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Call on our attorneys for legal advice, rather than relying on the information herein to make any decisions. The information is relevant to the date of publishing –January 2024.

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