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The playlist on the right contains all the videos by Adele van der Walt on the subject of Medical Law in South Africa. You can also view our YouTube Channel. The playlist topics with the last item being the most recent.:

  1. Special Assignment: Surgery, Scars, Silence - 03 March 2020
  2. Special Assignment (Medical Negligence Cases) - 21 July 2019
  3. Fokus - 6 September 2015
  4. Radio Pretoria - Medical Law & Surrogacy
  5. Medical Law Questions: Medical Law in South Africa
  6. Medical Law Questions - Timespan of a Medical Law Case
  7. Medical Law Questions - Medical Law & the Courts
  8. Medical Law Questions - What is E-medicine
  9. Medical law - Appointing a Medical Lawyer
  10. Medical Law - Choosing a Lawyer
  11. Medical Negligence Questions and Answers
  12. Medical Negligence Questions and Answers
  13. Medical Negligence FAQ
  14. Medical Negligence FAQ
  15. Medical Negligence FAQ
  16. Medical Negligence FAQ
  17. Medical Negligence Questions
  18. Ingeligte Toestemmig / Informed Consent
  19. Adele van der Walt on Special Assignment
  20. Adele van der Walt on Special Assignment
  21. What Are The Legal Steps to Follow if I feel that my rights as a patient has been infringed?
  22. How is the Living Will defined in our law and what exactly does it entail?
  23. What are the most common examples of medical malpractice in South Africa?
  24. What are the most prominent patient rights currently recognized in South Africa?
  25. How Does The Law Protect the Consumer - Adele van der Walt
  26. What Is Medical Law and What Is The Main Function Thereof - Adele van der Walt
  27. What Is The Most You Can Claim For and What Is The Average Time - Adele van der Walt
  28. What Is The Most Common Form of Medical Negligence
  29. Ayanda's Medical Negligence Case
  30. Surrogacy | Big win for parental rights

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