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Adele van der Walt Incorporated is a medical law firm in South Africa under the leadership of Adele van der Walt, a well-known authority on aspects of medical law and medical negligence.  We offer our legal expertise regarding the below. Click on an item to read more

  • The Patient’s Rights - In terms of South Africa’s constitution each person is entitled to human dignity, equality and freedom. This should also be the case when a patient receives medical treatment in the private and public sector.
  • Informed Consent - A patient is entitled to provide or refuse consent to treatment. This is regarded as patient autonomy or self determination in South African medical law.
  • Medical and Dental Matters - The Medical and Dental Council in 1989 formulated guidelines with regard to HIV and AIDS for giving information to persons other than the patient.
  • Patient Records - A medical record is any record made by a medical practitioner from time to time regarding consultations, examinations or recommendations pertaining to surgical procedures or any other proposed treatment.