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Insurance Disability

Legal Help with Your Disability Insurance Claim in South Africa

Your ability to earn an income and take care of your family is seriously hindered when you become disabled. As such, disability insurance is an option to make provision for the possibility that you can become disabled during the course of your life – whether as the result of a vehicle accident, illness, or any kind of incident. You make monthly payments to the insurance company to ensure that when you need financial support as the result of disability, you have it at hand.

Such an insurance disability payment or payments by the insurer can help you sustain your lifestyle, pay debts, and take care of your essential family needs. You may already have such insurance, but will not know whether the insurer will do good on its commitment until the day comes when you need to submit your claim.

In many instances, insurers do not pay out on insurance disability claims. In other instances, they do, but pay far less than the claimants expect. The fine print is thus exceptionally important when taking our insurance disability cover.

We assist clients who have made insurance disability claims to their insurers, but have not received the required payments.

What We Do

We handle the queries to the insurance company, appeal their decisions and, where needed, oppose their non-payment or decision to pay out less than stipulated in the insurance agreements in court.

Of course, getting the insurer to settle out of court is often the best option as it reduces the legal fees associated with litigation and reduces the time it takes for the insurer to make good on its commitment to pay out the insurance disability amount. However, where no settlement can be reached, litigation might be necessary to get the insurer to pay out on the claim.

Without legal assistance, it is often a futile exercise to appeal the decision of the insurer. Considering that you have in good faith parted with your hard-earned money to ensure that you are able to pay your daily expenses and take care of your family should you become disabled for any reason, you cannot just leave it at that. To ensure the success of your claim, however, it is best to immediately seek legal advice.

What You Need for an Insurance Disability Claim Appeal

By law, the insurer must provide you with a copy if you do not already have one. Be sure to go through the entire agreement carefully to review terms and conditions, as well as special clauses. Get legal assistance in writing a claim appeal letter to the insurer. If you have already written and submitted such a letter, make a copy of it (if you still have it on your computer). Also, make a copy of the insurer’s claim rejection letter. Bring all the relevant documentation to the lawyer to help you determine whether you have a valid case for an insurance disability claim appeal.

As you also have suffered damage as the result of non-payment by the insurer, it is important to keep medical receipts and all receipts of expenses that you have paid while you have waited for the payout from the insurer. Also, gather proof of your monthly premiums paid. The attorney will assist you in keeping track of deadlines for appeal and communication with the insurer.

Do not settle for a non-payment on your insurance disability cover. Get legal assistance from Adele van der Walt Incorporated to help you get the compensation you need.


Information in this article is not intended as legal advice and is only for informational purposes. Please seek legal guidance from Adele van der Walt before relying on this information to make any legal decisions.

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