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The realm of medical law is an intricate and multifaceted one. If you or a loved one find yourselves in a legal conundrum in a medical setting, it’s likely that you may need to access expert medical law services. Medical law covers a range of issues, from medical negligence and malpractice to misdiagnosis and hospital negligence. Adele van der Walt Incorporated is a leading medical law firm with a long-standing track record of successful litigation and settlements. Read on to learn more about our expert medical law services.

Expert Medical Law Services

Expert Medical Law Services at Adele van der Walt Incorporated

With decades of experience in this area of the law, we are confident that we can help you find the best outcome for a range of relevant issues.

  • Medical negligence: Medical negligence occurs when healthcare providers fail to adhere to the stipulated duty of care. Due to their neglect of medical standards, the patient experiences wrongful injury or death. There are many instances of medical negligence, including a surgeon operating on the wrong body part or damaging an organ while operating, a nurse giving a patient the wrong medication or failing to properly monitor their oxygen levels, or a childbirth injury due to inadequate use of tools and a lack of response to emergencies.
  • Hospital negligence: Hospitals can also be held accountable for medical negligence. Rather than holding one professional to account, hospital negligence claims seek compensation from the hospital body. The injury or wrongful death must be related to the patient’s stay at the hospital. In such cases, the patient, or their family if they were the sole breadwinner, has the right to meaningful compensation.
  • Misdiagnosis: Misdiagnosis occurs when doctors or other medical professionals wrongly diagnose a patient. Misdiagnosis can take place for many reasons, including misreading lab results, a failure to document all symptoms, running the wrong tests, or a lack of adequate knowledge and care. This can lead to potentially life-threatening situations if serious illnesses and diseases are not identified and adequately treated.

We are if you have experienced negligence or misdiagnosis. We will advise you on the necessary steps to lay a claim and which documentation you will need to prove your case.

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