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Living Will

Patient autonomy implies that a patient has a right to accept or refuse treatment. The Living Will regulates the position when a patient is not able to communicate.

When a patient is terminally ill or has sustained brain damage to such an extent that there is no brain stem function and no reasonable chance of recovery, the patient can declare in his or her Living Will that no life support and/or nasogastric tube feeding should be used.

You will be well advised to consult with your attorney should you wish to finalise a Living Will.

The attached copies of Living Wills are examples only for your perusal and discussion.

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Road Accident Fund Claims

Often referred to as third party claims, RAF claims entail the seeking of compensation by a party or on behalf of the party who sustained damage, because of injuries or death of another party in a vehicle accident. People who can claim include the party who sustained bodily injury or his/her surviving spouse and children when the breadwinner died in the vehicle collision or where a minor has sustained injuries and had to receive medical treatments.

The claim is lodged at the Road Accident Fund, a statutory body specifically responsible for reviewing and awarding of compensation for damages sustained as the result of bodily injury or death as the result of negligent driving by the driver of the other vehicle in the collision. Pedestrians also have the right to claim from the RAF.

Injury on Duty Claims

The Injury on Duty Claim is brought against The Workman’s Compensation Commissioner and possibly the employer for damages suffered, because of bodily injury sustained by a party while on work duty. The party has the right to seek compensation for medical treatment and disablement as the direct result of disease or injury sustained during the course of employment. The family of the party, where that party died and was the breadwinner, can also seek financial compensation.

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